Computer Setup - Do this one time at each computer you log in to before printing.

1)  Go to Start->Devices and Printers

2) Right-click on the 'Workroom RICOH on norwood-srvcs' and select 'Printing Preferences'.

3)  Set the Job type: to 'Locked Print' then click 'Details'


4)  Set the User ID: = 'Windows Login Name' and enter a Password (Suggestion: 0000 or Alarm Code)

5) Press 'OK' then 'OK'.  You should be ready to print on from this computer. 

6)  Repeat steps 1-5 the first time you log into any other computer.

Retrieve the Print Job(s)

After a document has been sent to the \\/norwood-srvcs\Workroom RICOH' photocopier, from the photocopier console:

1) Press the 'Printer' button

2) On the LCD panel, press 'Print Jobs'

3)  Press the print job with your name.

4) Press 'Print' icon or the big green Start button.

Note: Your print job will be removed from the list after printing.